songwriter I composer I producer

The Ontic

In 2006 Jeff joined forces with Rye Randa to form the dynamic producing-songwriting-composing duo known as The Ontic, and immediately began composing for the HBO Documentary "Ithuteng (Never Stop Learning)". Soon after, they were brought on to score the documentary film "Don't Look Down" (2009) for ESPN, a film that chronicles Olympic champion Shaun White. It was featured at the X-Dance Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Original Music Score. 

Other projects include The AAF (CBS), "Jiro Dreams Of Sushi" (Magnolia Pictures), Steampunk'd (GSN), The Moment (USA), NFL Characters Unite (USA), The Wanted (NBC), Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt (History Channel), The Great Escape (TNT) and "Father Albert" (FOX). The Ontic has also written and produced songs for artists such as Bonnie Somerville, Bruce Greenwood, Terron Brooks, Rossif Sutherland, Rachel G. Fox, and Katelyn Tarver.